November 20, 2007

I haven’t updated in what feels like forever. I felt now was probably the best time to do so, as I’m not very busy, just got done watching Heroes, and Amanda is watching “The Hills”, and i can’t stand that show. So I will now annoy her with continuous typing and so on.

Crumpton, Bill Vrebosch, Sam, myself, and others played our last fall softball game yesterday. It was amazing!!! Not only was I 3 for 4, in which a new bat by the name of Lisa Fernandez, helped me hit those balls as far out to the outfield as possible, but the rest of the team playing amazingly. I should also add that Mr. Vrebosch hit a nice Home Run with a man on, that the other team tried to contest that they weren’t ready, but we all knew that if asked to do it again, Bill could have and would have done so. The game was also a tribute to my old pants, now laying on my bedroom floor with a GIANT rip in the crotch. That’s right folks, never play baseball in tight pants unless they are A) Stretchy or B) baseball pants, as when you try to reach down to collect a ball that was thrown to you that’s too low, the front of your pants tend to split. So, for about 3 innings i had to play the field and hit balls with, that’s right, my balls hanging out the front of my pants. Well they weren’t really hanging out, but there wasn’t much left to the imagination.  But regardless, we won our game, and the other team wasn’t quite as friendly as when they have beaten us in the past. But fuck em!!

Also in news for the past little while, my good friends Amy and Ian came down to Toronto from Vancouver. We got to speak about good times in Vancouver, and my possible departure from Toronto to Vancouver at some point in the near future. I’m excited to get on a plane and go somewhere new. It’s been a while. Since i’ve been anywhere new hahahah.  I’ve also since bought new pants, and had my chance to play Guitar Hero 3 for PS3, which might i add was awesome. It almost made me not go to Circa. So lets get to that. That’s right i have no transitional or right way to do things. I’m not a english major nor am i journalism major so i don’t know how to properly do things like this hahahah. But yeah, Circa on Friday to see Datarock. They were a amazing live show, and after listening to them on CD, I’ve come to the realization that i like them alot more Live, than on disc. Done and done. Also i don’t think i will ever go to Circa again, as i find they’re long lines for Guestlist, plus MEGA long lines for coat check are ridiculous and considering Peter has owned many clubs in the past, and has ample enough room to make these things go away, people shouldn’t have to wait 45 minutes just to check there coats.

I’ve also in the past little while, try to get season tickets to the Toronto Blue Jay’s. As i found out from a very nice gentleman over the phone, it would cost me $5,000 for 2 seats for the entire season. Is it just me or is this crazy???


Red Sox Nation!!

October 22, 2007

Well to the people who said it wouldn’t happen again. It has. The Boston Red Sox who were behind 3 games to 1, came back and won last’s night’s best of 7 game, 11 – 2.

Now usually my team for baseball would be the Toronto Blue Jays, but considering they didn’t make it into the playoffs i went for my next favorite team, the Red Sox.

Mike, i’m sorry you had to lose.

World Series game 1 starts on Wednesday. I smell another World Series WIN!!



October 11, 2007

So with everything still going on this evening with the Ontario Election, and myself still sitting on the edge of my seat to find out if my roommate and good friends dad, Bill Vrebosch is going to win for Nipissing MPP, i can’t help but think about all the bashing that’s happening with a Mr. John Tory. Now yes, tonight i did vote PC, although this being my first election that I’ve ever done, and mainly the only reason i did vote PC was because of Bill’s dad, I mainly went out to vote for the referendum. Now back to John Tory.

Tonight there has been things said about John and his backing of faith based schools. Myself, i don’t have much to say about this, but someone did make a good point this evening. While i was watching CityVote ’07 they were discussing the death of John Tory’s political career. Now the best part of watching the TUBE tonight, was when a lady, by which i can’t remember her name, but quite the looker i must say, said are we really going to tell children and people of Ontario, that following your heart and believing in something is going to kill a career, and you know what, i think she’s got something. Cause really it’s true, John Tory spoke clearly from the heart, he spoke a tad too much about this issue in general, but at least he spoke about something that he was passionate about. Yes in the long run he ended up backing out of it and trying to get something of his campaign back up and running, but at least he didn’t run around issues like Dalton McGuinty.

I felt compelled to write this while watching the news and they’re coverage of the Ontario Election. If Mr. Vrebosch does in fact win tonight, then i will drink my face off, and when i see him this weekend for his daughters wedding, he too shall be drinking with me. If not, well, it was an amazing man that was beaten by a women who took money from people who helped her out, and a city that tucked it’s tail between it’s legs, and let down a great man.


It’s just a matter of taste…

October 3, 2007

Current music : Blaqk Audio

I’m currently attempting my first hearing of Davey Havok’s new project Blaqk Audio. So far it’s going pretty well. I have only had one song that I’ve had to skip past, and even that was tricky cause you always want to try and give it a listen just incase something gets better along the way, well it didn’t, but other than that like i was saying, it’s going pretty well.

I got to work this morning to find a note on the buzzer outside the door, on a tiny post it note it said the following “this is not a Hub for auditions, KNOCK!!” Now this note was left by a individual here at Buddy Belts named David Potter, who takes care of our shipping and recieving, but somehow managed to aquire the title of Assistant Manager. Realistically he’s neither, most of us at work takes care of all of the shipping duties and even when it’s dumbed down he still takes forever doing things. Also he was given this position due to his friendship with the owner for some odd 20 years, so we could go into that for a while but we all know the inevitable answer and solution to that problem. My deal with this is why would you put a note like that on the buzzer in the first place. Now i know when i left work yesterday there was a few people who had buzzed looking to get in for an audition, in which i politely let them in, and told them to have a good day. The building/Studio spaces that we work in, are also worked in by individuals who work in the stage industry in our city, and put on some great play’s and so on, so again the question comes up, why leave such a nasty note?? It makes the rest of the people who work in this office look like dicks because of one person. Maybe i’m just over-reacting like i do most of the time, but i just found it a tad rude, and for me to come to that conclusion, well judging from my past few blogs that’s a big step hahah.

Also in a Blaqk Audio news update, I just skipped song number 2, i believe it was track number 6.

In other breaking news, I put in the Online request to get my Birth Certificate sent to me (replacement). That’s right ONLINE request. How friggin awesome is that?? From completing the online form, i only paid $35, and I will recieve it in 15 business days. Now if i would have faxed in the paper work i would have paid at least triple that and would have to wait 1 to 2 months. I love the internet, that’s right i said it, LOVE. I feel like i’m finally getting my life back in order. I will have my birth certificate soon, and also my SIN card again. After that get my health card, and possibly my G1 drivers license, and then my passport. So folks in Vancouver and the greater BC area, watch out, cause i’m coming to visit soon enough.

I think it will be nice to finally get to travel around, and finally also have some sort of ID so i can get into bars again without the hassle of convincing the bouncers to let me in, and go through the whole speal of how i lost my ID and wallet and working on getting it back. Considering it’s been since June, It’s about time. I also had the pleasure this morning of watching Dalton Mcguinty (i don’t care if it’s spelled wrong) make his family smoothie. WOOOO. Breakfast television is really going places. What with yesterday getting to watch liar and hippicrite John Tory make spaghetti and now this. Rogers is going to cancel that show faster than you can say, Wichitah! I also got to hear the word “Rubberneckers” come out of someone’s voice other than my own, which i know it dosn’t sound like a huge deal, but c’mon, she said it with such conviction and journalistic passion that it has to go for something. To everyone who was held up on the Gardiner Expressway this morning due to the “Rubberneckers” hahahah oh man, what a word, I feel your pain. But there’s always a glimmer of hope at the end of the accident when you finally get to see everyone speed up and it’s off to work, to stand around the water cooler, and bash the people who drive slow, even though it was you yourself turning your neck into rubber.

OOHHH after googling Rubberneckers this is what came up. Hillarious.



Is it wrong to feel so negative??

October 2, 2007

Alright so lets start this off with a happy note. I had the pleasure to attend Douglas Coupland doing a reading of The Gum Thief this evening with my wonderful girlfriend Amanda. In person he is quite hilarious, but also knows how to get to business. He read most about a book inside of a book. It’s called Grove Pond. Basically his intention was that the main narrator in the book Roger, was writing a book called Grove Pond and it was supposed to show some sort of character definition, but alas as funny as it was, even Coupland himself said it was pointless dribble but also humorous. Most of him reading was from Grove Pond, although he did read a tiny bit from The Gum Thief, I enjoyed the fact that he did things the way he did. Afterwards he was doing a signing for his new book, but as people in Toronto are, everyone stampeded his table and Amanda and myself didn’t deem it necessary to wait around for him to chat with everyone and sign their books. So we left with smiles on our faces and good conversation for most of the way home. Also might i point out that giving Douglas Coupland complete control of a lighting system is worth the price of admission in itself, even if it was only $5.00.

So now onto the actual title of my recent update. As stated before Amanda and myself were having a great conversation of the points of Coupland’s laughter and how great he was. Then i started to rant about how much i hate the human race and how most people i see on the streets irritate me and how i would love nothing more than to punch them all in the face and smile afterwards, unfortunatly due to my small stature, i can’t do such things. My first reason for feeling like this… wait wait wait a second, i can’t really sit here and right about how my first reason for feeling like this was just tonight, no no no, this feeling goes way deeper than just one sighting of fucking morons tonight, this basically goes from a long time ago. But, keeping with tonight and all, and because my memory sucks ass, i’ll just keep with the pace. So yeah, starting off the day, one thing I will never understand about the city of Toronto is the retarded people that live in such city. It makes me want to pack up, and move to Vancouver, where from what i hear, the people are amazing, you can actually breathe, and public transit is not as bad as here. I can’t really even say that public transit here is bad, cause that puts a smile on my face. Public transit in Toronto should be ranked dead last in the world, that’s right EVEN behind North fucking Bay!!

Now i realize that most people who read this blog, although i only know of 2 friends and where they reside, but i know that most of you probably don’t live in Toronto so you don’t have the pleasure to see how some people react to 3 street cars waiting at a station. Now most of us, who have brains, realize that when you walk out of the station and see 3 streetcars waiting would think, HURRAY!! today is going to be an amazing day. I don’t have to wait for the next one and by the time it does come there will be at least 35 to 50 people waiting for the same one. But i still see people running for a streetcar, that A) is already packed full of the same dumb people, and B) is shutting it’s doors and people still have the gull to yell at the streetcar driver to wait. Someone please tell me why people do this?? I understand that not all of us wake up in the morning with the intention of leaving early and sometimes things happen in the morning that make us a tad late, BUT WHEN THERE ARE 3 FUCKING STREETCARS!!??? Fucking c’mon! But this is the least of my frustration. Another thing that angers me is when Subway drivers decide that there best approach at slowing down rush hour, is to shut the doors the instant they open and only allow a small amount of people to enter them. That and walking behind the fattest lady I’ve seen in years, and her walking too slow and me having to push her in so i don’t get left behind at a stop. Now yes, i realize this may seem as dumb as the people who run for the 3 waiting streetcars in the morning, but, I had more than enough time to get on said subway, if it wasn’t for the lady who walks too god damn slow and probably is waiting to die.

Yeah you can call me insensitive, you can call me a prick, fuck you can even call me a fat ass, myself, I don’t really give a shit. I’m a 195+, Caucasian male, who wears tight pants and tight shirts and honestly, I’m probably more in touch with myself then most of the people who throw up there dinner or lunch and think they look beautiful. Now back to tonight. As Amanda and myself were walking home i had the pleasure of walking by two white as fuck individuals, who yes to be stereotypical, were wearing baggy pants, a crooked Old school Toronto Blue Jay’s hat, and had that stupid fucking swagger that makes most handy-capped people look like they walk normal. One of them happened to glance at me the wrong way, which basically pissed me off to no end. Why?? do i really look all that abnormal?? I don’t think so. I think out of the billions and billions of people walking around on this earth, i’m probably a fucking regular joe than most people walking around. But that’s a whole other blog, and a whole other conversation.

As for now, i’m going to bed. Work awaits me tomorrow and really, i don’t feel like being tired tomorrow morning. I will possibly continue this tomorrow morning, but realistically probably not. I will leave you with something that Douglas Coupland said this evening during his reading which i thought was hilarious and next time this happens to you, you should do the same, to quote him exactly : “The next time your power goes out, yell, MY JEWELS!!”


Attempts and Control

October 1, 2007

Hello. Happy October. Nice start.

I woke up this morning, in pain. That’s a topic I will get into in a bit, but firstly i am saddened to report that Rogers has purchased City Tv, or CHUM, whichever be the case, I think it’s shit. The fact that they purchased the company after the death of it’s owner is really low. VERY VERY LOW! I was watching Breakfast Television this morning, as i do every morning to find out what the weather is like, and how the TTC is running, or lack of running, and found out about this news. Kevin Frankish was acting like his usual deuchebag self, as the next segment came in, and he was outside in a rogers tech outfit, with said Rogers VP who came down to talk about the purchase, and soul wrenching deal that quite possibly the devil was apart of. Kevin if you do stumble across this, which i doubt you will, i only have a few things to say about you. Way to go, your going to hell, and have a little bit of self dignity you fucking ass, cause when you die, and look back at your life, your basically going to realize how big an ass clown you looked like.

Whew, now that that’s over with. Back to the beginning. My sore body. If you havn’t read it already in my good friend Michael’s blog, we had ourselves a little softball game yesterday. We won 25-3. BOOYAH! But as for myself in that game, well lets just say in the first inning, i managed to bail pretty hard on my ass, and now because of that, my body is pissed at me. I awoke this morning to pain in my ass, back, arms and neck. Needless to say the fact that i’m at work right now is pretty god damn astonishing. It’s times like these I wish i could pull my spinal cord out of my back like in cartoons and play it like a xylophone. But other than that everything else is good. I was recently awarded with a Tattoo this weekend, which i think is just great! Although as commented in other internet parts, it makes me feel as if i should go out and purchase a motorcycle. Bad to the bone! hahah.

I feel like i’ve rambled a bit with this, and if so i apologize. I’m still getting used to this whole writing thing, and most of the times my sentences have no structure and it’s basically reading what i usually say, which can’t be all that bad. I’m all out of coffee, and i should probably get some work done. So till next time, stay out of trouble, and if you can at any cost, piss someone off.


Apologies for the lack of updates….

September 27, 2007

But this is what consumes my life right now!!!